11 All-New Items Debut Today, Along with Limited-Time Free Season 5 Episode Download Fans of The Venture Bros., the critically-acclaimed and fan-favorite Adult Swim series, can show their virtual love for Team Venture with an all-new line of virtual goods available starting today in the Avatar Read More

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When a sequel learns from the mistakes of the past and actually attempts to resolve the major complaints of the first, you have to really admire that. The original Dead Rising was an interesting title that showed a lot of promise, but was bogged down by the many quirks, bugs and bad design Read More

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My cousin Nick plays this new Xbox Live only online shooter for me because I am old and don't have the energy to call strangers names anymore.

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Get spanked with justice in EA's new comedic action RPG title DeathSpank for Xbox Live and Playstation Network

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The original Crackdown was literally crack for me. I knew deep down that the game wasn’t good for me, but I still would spend hours climbing buildings and looking for orbs while throwing buses at random thugs. I was surprised by the announcement of the sequel, and pleased to hear they ramped Read More

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I remember when the game Bully came out, everyone was outraged that it was a GTA style game with kids, instead of guns you had sling shots, instead of grenades you had fire crackers and instead of fighting mobsters for turf, you had to survive jocks in gym class. It was a fun game that gave us a Read More

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Single gamers, take heart this Valentine’s Day for while you haven’t found love, you can skip the whole ordeal of meeting the expectations of others and instead spend you money on the only sure thing this loveless weekend. That’s right, BioShock 2 is out. Sure, you may not have love, but Read More

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